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Riverbed and fringe delineation of Shandiz Hesar Golestan and Mayan Rivers

River Engineeing
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The Mayan and Shandiz rivers are important rivers of Kashafrud. The Mayan River is 30 km long and the length of the Shandiz River is 7.320 km. Regional Water Company of Khorasan Razavi intended to prepare and implement flood control plans and prevent damage caused by it, therefore, the company proposed the project of riverbed and fringe delineation of  Shandiz Hesar Golestan and Mayan rivers. In this study, HEC-RAS software and GIS data were applied to determine the zoning of unusual and supercritical flows.

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The important studies that have been done in this project are as follows:

  • Physiography, meteorology and hydrology studies
  • Legal, economic and social studies
  • Land use study
  • Hydraulic study
  • Morphological study and investigation on the situation of erosion and sedimentation in the watershed

From the results of these studies, borders of the riverbed and fringe of the Mayan and Shandiz rivers were delineated, through field visits, and the extent of riverbed and fringes were adjusted.