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Study of environmental effects of trout Farming and other species of the Caspian Sea in Mazandaran Province

Environment, Key Projects
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Although fish culture in cages in the sea have been highly considered, especially by countries which are active in the aquaculture sector in recent decades due to employment creation and its positive economic effects; because of likely impacts and threats on marine ecosystem, consequently, physico-chemical parameters would change as a result of wastewater, fisheries organization of Mazandaran has address site selection for cages based on environmental condition and parameters, environmental impacts and feasibility of fish cultivation. This study aimed at studying environmental impacts of Trout and other species in cages in coast of Mazanadaran Sea in depth of 30 to 50 meters.

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In this study the following Items were studied:

  • Identifying vulnerable zones and habitats
  • Identifying proper place for cages based on environmental criteria in estuaries, slopes, waves and sediment quality
  • Relocating of cages based on environmental criteria to eliminate environmental risks
  • Investigation on possibility of various species based on environmental criteria
  • Specification of appropriate species for cultivation in cages