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Basic and detailed design studies of diversion dam and water conveyance canal of Hesar Garmkhan

Irrigation and Drainage
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Based on previous researches, it has been found that construction of diversion dam on the Chenaran River is economical and beneficial, then providing water for irrigation of orchards and farmlands of Hesar Garmkhan will be more facilitated. The project client focused on detailed design study and implementation of the project and necessity of diversion canal construction, so study for optimize utilization by designing water supply structures was given to Asarab Company.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Conducting baseline studies including land surveying, meteorology, hydrology, sedimentation, water needs, geology, geotechnical and socio-economic study
  • Site selection of diversion canal, designing diversion intake facilities, water intake canal, the facilities in the route, and other buildings
  • Studying of the river situation, selection of the diversion canal, seismic coefficient, type of entrance of pond, type of diversion facilities and canals
  • Investigation about the necessity of designing and construction of sediment trap basin and type of that if necessary
  • Study of the necessity of construction of spillway structures and its relevant installations
  • Selecting appropriate alternative for developing the hydraulic structures including sediment trap basin, water intake entrance, sediment evacuation canals, spillway and stilling basin
  • Calculating the stability of concrete structures, hydraulic canal design along the path, designing of water intake structures, designing structures including bridge and underpasses, and operation and maintenance instructions
  • Preparing implementation instructions including drawings, particular and general technical feature