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Environmental Impact Assessment study of Parsian Port

Environment, Key Projects
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In this study, Asarab Co. in cooperation with the Norwegian company of Akvaplan-Niva, conducted an environmental assessment of the Parsian port construction to minimize adverse impacts resulting from project construction and operation. To investigate the marine environment, a specialized diving team surveyed to investigate the corals status and marine biomass, sampled physical, chemical and biological parameters to accurately identify environmental features of the area. The consultant also held meetings with the fishermen, rural councils, and NGOs to evaluate the different aspects of fishermen and locals’ concerns to be included in the plan; this participatory process enables us to investigate impacts on the livelihoods of the locals. In this study for the first-time ecological modeling of the Persian Gulf in ECOLAB model was performed.

Actual services:

  • Determination of national and international standards required for construction of Parsian Port
  • Describing the marine, and terrestrial environment in the project area, including: meteorological and climatic features in the area
  • Soil surveying, geology, geotechnics, sedimentology and erosion study of the area
  • Identifying pollution resulting from different phases of the project on the physical (offshore, marine and onshore), environmental features (fauna and aquatic, riparian and terrestrial plants) and human environment
  • Investigation on aquatic plants and animal life, alongside aquatic and terrestrial environment
  • Investigating pollution resulting from vessels and preventive solutions
  • Modeling by MIKE3 software to predict sediment release from dredging, especially its impacts on the environmental protected area of Naiband and Lavan Island
  • Modeling by MIKE3 software to predict the release of saline wastewater from the Parsian desalination plant in the Parsian Port
  • Ecological Modeling by ECOLAB Model
  • Air quality modeling by AERMOD software
  • Investigating the economic, social and cultural environment (especially fishermen in the region) and impacts of the plan on them
  • Environmental Impacts Assessment by Pastakia matrix and Descriptive Checklists
  • Investigation on environmental accidents and risks of Parsian Port construction by HAZOP Method
  • Providing a plan for managing and mitigating the environmental impacts
  • Presenting an environmental monitoring program of Parsian port construction (offshore and nearshore)